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Who are we ?

La Boutique des Inventions is a french trade mark and limited company in Paris.

La Boutique des Inventions has just open its doors the 25th of august 2003.

History :

December 2001 :
The first idea.

January 2002 :
Research of anteriority and beginning of the study of the concept.

February to August 2002 :
The turn of the inventor's shows, Lyon, Geneva, Paris, Brussels, etc.

September 2002 : 
Deposit of the mark
La Boutique des Inventions and protection of the concept.
First presentations of the concept to various associations of inventors and consultants.
The project becomes an activity at full time.

October 2002 to Mars 2003 :
Course of the company's creator...
Finalization of the concept study.

February 2003 :
First pages of Internet site - Referencing.
Beginning of research for an establishment in Paris.
Constitution of the financial file.

April 2003 :
Participation in the show World of the Invention and the Innovation in Nogent at the Baltard House.

May 2003 :
First tracks for a shop in Paris.

June 2003 :
Company registration.

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La Boutique des Inventions - An invention for inventors



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