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La Boutique des Inventions (Invention Shop) gives European inventors a way to start selling by making available to potential clients a reference location to discover and get innovative products first, in the center of Paris - a real shop !

Inventors, don't hesitate to contact us and learn more about this concept designed for you. Ask us for the reservation form to become one of the first to take advantage of
La Boutique des Inventions and the launch of its communication campaign*.

Don't miss the news from La Boutique des Inventions !


Definition of an invention (from the common meaning to the legal and commercial realities)

According to the dictionary, an invention is a creation, a discovery, the development of a machine, a technique, an art, a game, a system. Patent.

Within the framework of the future activities of La Boutique des Inventions, all the products we expose must be the subject of an industrial protection (patent, drawings and models, mark) and, if they are for sale, must have the freedom of exploitation, to be in conformity with the third party rights, the obligatory standards and the regulations in force.

La Boutique des Inventions will take care of these important details by means of documents of title, research of anteriority and the compliance certificates which its suppliers will have to produce. All this with the aim of avoiding counterfeiting while also protecting the inventors.

Our heading of useful links for inventors includes references to some official French sites which offer further information on the subject of intellectual and industrial protection in France.


Working with many inventors, we know quite well that the majority of them have difficulties in the field of the intellectual and industrial protection which is not, a priori, their specialty.

La Boutique des Inventions does not intend to replace the professionals and associations of this sector but we will gladly direct inventors who request it towards the French institutions most likely to help the progress of their project.

La Boutique des Inventions was present at the World of the Invention and the Innovation at  Nogent-sur-Marne - Baltard House - from April 4-13, 2003
See the communiqué for more details.
Have a look at some pictures of the show.


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