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Our goals

Dear inventors*, authors* and creators* of games, we wish :

To become a credible place of reference

In Paris in a very attended and tourist district, La Boutique des Inventions want, to become a credible reference in the field of the inventions and, to reflect a top-of-the-range image to attract customers of mark.

To start your sales and to develop your inventions

It will be a place of starting of the sales for your preproductions and your prototypes which can interest  amateurs of innovations and collectors in any kind.

You will have the possibility of exposing your prototype or model in the Shop of the Inventions, making your demonstrations and, captivate the public by telling your course of inventor.

To test your product in contact with the public

Together, we will be in contact with the public which will contribute to the evolution of your invention.

This confrontation will enable you to obtain a greater credibility vis-a-vis with the industrialists.

To propose you some tools to communicate

Our team will propose you marketing services marketing to give an identity to your invention and to effectively hold the attention of your interlocutors (manufacturers, distributors, business angels...).


If you are interested by this concept and wish to reserve a space or to sell your products in the Shop of the Inventions, do not hesitate to contact us.


* Important notice :


At the moment, we are only able to work with european union citizen or companies.


Send an electronic mail to for any question or notices concerning the technical aspect of this site.
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